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The Dog Days of Summer...Why is my dog not eating as much?


Have you ever noticed your dog´s appetite dropping during summer time?  

We recently had a customer reach out to us because her sweet pal just wasn't eating as much as he normally does.  

When summer comes you may notice that your pooch starts eating less food than usual. 

It is perfectly normal and healthy for them to do this.

Just like when you switch to lighter food during hot months since heavier food is harder to process, your dog starts eating smaller amounts of food because dogs are simply less active during summer, thus they require less food and their appetite is decreased. Although it is normal for your dog to eat less during the "dog days" of summer there are some things to consider and watch out for. For instance if your dog starts losing weight, has skin and coat issues or seems lethargic you may want to get him or her checked out. It is vital for you to know your dog's habits and check for signs of the problems.

  • Did you change your dog's blend of food?
  • Has something made your dog anxious or increased your dog's stress?
  • Is it possible your dog is getting food somewhere else?
  • Could your pup be sick?

When a dog refuses to eat, there may be underlying health problems such as dental issues, disease, injury, or pain. Sometimes medications can also cause a dog to stop eating.

Animals tend to hide signs of illness or injury, so you need to pay attention.

Look out for: lack of energy, diarrhea, vomiting, not drinking enough water, aggressive behavior, weight loss. Be sure to make sure that your dog has a fresh bowl of water always available to them. They will drink more in the hot weather so you will need to check and re-fill it on a regular basis. Remember to take time to play and have fun with your pal during the cooler parts of the day and keep 'em cool when it's a scorcher. 

Be safe and have fun!

Dr. Jena Kittle