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Pet Essentials

Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover

price: $9.99
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Fizzion Spray Bottle with Pet Stain and Odor 2-Tablet Pack 23oz.

Fizzion's® powerful CO2 fizzing action unlocks and cleans stains and odors on contact. Other cleaners add harsh chemicals or foreign bacteria to clean them. Not Fizzion® folks. Our unique formula uses non-toxic ingredients and kills odor-causing bacteria on contact. Just use 1 Fizzion® tablet and add warm tap water to activate oursupercharged cleaning power. Save money and help us keep the earth clean by reusing our spray bottles over and over again! Makes 2, 23oz bottles.

  • Concentrated formula for maximum cleaning.
  • Quickly unlocks and eliminates new and set-in pet stains.
  • Kills bacteria to completely eliminate odors.
  • Makes 8, 23oz bottles
  • Money back guarantee

"We began using this after extensive allergy issues resulted in the vet recommending very expensive hypoallergenic food for our pup. We researched other options and found Natures Select and are THRILLED. Almost all of our dog's allergy issues have been resolved since making the switch to Nature's Select Pet Food!"

- Amanda S.

"Saddie turns 15 this December and is still the love of our family after all of these years! Thanks for the healthy great food! ~Jackie W. "

- Jackie Weber

"Great quality pet food for my dog! Her vet always compliments the health of her coat and I know that is because of the pet food she eats. The staff is always friendly plus I appreciate the convenience of fast delivery to my home. This company has my business for life for every dog I will ever have!"

- Joely G.