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Paw Wash with Micro Fiber Mitt (Small)

price: $28.95
FREE DELIVERY with $25.00 min order
The Paw Wash is a fast and efficient way to keep your dogs' paws clean. Use it at home or on the go-perfect for traveling, hiking and trips to the dog park.

•Uses all-natural hydraulic water action to scrub away dirt and mud in seconds. Eliminating the need for messy buckets, hoses and abrasive brushes.

•The unique, grooved hourglass design creates a vortex of cleaning power and the squeegee top suctions liquid from the fur. 

•Dishwasher safe. 

•It is also great to use to remove harmful ice melt and keep your dogs paws safe and healthy. •Includes The Paw Wash Mitt that is made of microfiber and used to complete the final dry of your dogs paws.

 •Washer and dryer safe.

"I will be sticking with Nature's Select Pet Food and they've made a lifelong customer out of me based on the terrific results my dog has had. I would highly recommend their food to any dog owner!"

- Ernie D

"I've been a customer for over 5 years! Lucky's eczema went away as soon I adopted him and switched him to Nature's Select. They have awesome customer service, too! Even better, they deliver to my doorstep within a day or two. I always recommend them to people I know. My Cocker Spaniel (Lucky) is now about 13 years old and in perfect health!"

- Christina C

"Over the last 20 years, my dogs haven't had any illnesses or poor health since I started using Nature's Select & their lifespans have been extended tremendously. Thank you Nature's Select!!!"

- Holly V